A Man Fought Back at Sherlock's Last Night, and Got Shot and Killed When He Did

Last night, a group of people were standing outside Sherlock's, a bar and restaurant in North Dallas, when a man approached. He carried a pistol and, according to police, he demanded money from someone.

It was a moment many of us script in our heads when we read these types of stories: Do you give up your wallet or fight back? One of the people outside the bar -- police have released no details, except that it was man -- decided to fight back. He "attempted to strike the suspect," as two witnesses, a man and a woman, looked on.

But the suspect fired a single round, killing the man who took a swing.

Neither of the two witnesses were injured. The suspect fled the bar. Police so far have released no description of the suspect, saying only that he is a black man.

Sherlock's, at 9100 North Central, is the same bar where Josh Hamilton suffered his very public relapse last winter.


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