A Man Owed Him $50, So Police Say Echols Dupree Put on His Steel-Toed Boots and Kicked His Head in

A witness watched the whole thing play out. On Saturday night at 8:20 p.m. behind a bodega on Maple Street facing Maria Luna Park, an onlooker watched as a man wearing an orange shirt and black jacket jumped 49-year-old Randy Wyatt.

The attacker hit Wyatt in the back of the head, then stood over his prone body, kicking Wyatt in the face with steel-toed boots until he lost consciousness. Wyatt's body was found behind a dumpster. He was taken to Parkland with multiple facial fractures and severe brain damage.

The witness recognized the attacker from the neighborhood, but wasn't sure of his name. A detective asked around and later identified him as 31-year old Echols Andre Lavell Dupree. He'd reportedly been mad that Wyatt owed him $50.

Wyatt died on Monday, meaning Dupree is now a murder suspect. Problem is, he's still on the loose. So be on the lookout and steer clear of his steel-toed boots.

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Eric Nicholson
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