A Mavs Post that has Very Little to do with Basketball

Almost 10,000 career assists, yet somehow Jason Kidd couldn't pass on her.

Mavs fans, you think this blog item is going to be about how good you should feel, considering you purged your sorrow six weeks ago as opposed to waking this morning to the grief of blowing a 24-point lead on your home court in the NBA Finals?

You think it’s going to be a exxy and ohsey breakdown of how Dallas is trying to acquire a first-round pick for the June 26 draft?

Looking for the daily itinerary of new coach Rick Carlisle’s visit to see Dirk Nowitzki in Germany? (Prediction: weiner schnitzel is involved daily.)

Wrong, wrong and wrong. It’s Friday. Get your mind in the gutter.

Because it seems your point guard just made another impressive steal: Dumping this chick for this one.

(Editorial suggestion: Jason Kidd's last two conquests have been named "Hope" and "May". If you named your daughter something cutesy like "Grace" or "April" or "Model", I'd go out and buy her a one-peice swimsuit and a chastity belt. Just to be safe.)

But who can blame Kidd for being on the rebound? Remember, it was Avery Johnson that dumped him after the season.-- Richie Whitt

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