A Peek at the Crows' New Nest

It’s been more than a year since Crow Holdings bought the old Parkland Hospital on Maple Avenue, which will be the company’s new home -- and happens to be across the street from Unfair Park headquarters. I was at the current offices of Crow Holdings on McKinney Avenue yesterday, where CEO Harlan Crow gave me an update of his plans for the site.

Crow said he’s been buying up land behind the hospital and showed me a model of what he hopes it will look like. I gotta say, it was totally bad-ass. He said he’s been told that the hospital will be ready in June, but that likely means September. Renovations to the nurses’ building adjacent to the hospital will continue as Crow Holdings moves into the main hospital. In addition, he’s planning on putting up several new buildings behind the hospital, giving it a college campus feel. “You went to SMU,” he told me, “It’s gonna be like that.”

Crow said he hopes to build a Starbucks and a restaurant, which will be an updated version of “the old, greasy spoon” -- his favorite kind of dining venue. As we looked at the model, he wore a big smile on his face and said, “This could be my favorite project.” From our view at Unfair Park, it’s our favorite project too. --Sam Merten

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