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"A Person Committing Violent Crime in Dallas Has High Chance of Getting Caught, Convicted"

Caught the tail end of Dallas Police Chief David Brown's crime-stats presentation to the council's Public Safety Committee, a sequel of sorts to his September 1 meeting with the media during which he projected an eighth straight year during which crime will drop in Dallas -- a first, he said. Said Brown, when it comes to violent crime in Dallas -- murder, rape, robbery and aggravated assault -- stats are down by more than 10 percent since last year. Only burglaries of residences are up this year; I have two friends who can attest to that in the last month alone. "Crime is down," as Carolyn Davis put it, "but burglary is up."

Said Brown, when it comes to those violent crimes, "Our officers continue to work off sharing information they have in this city related to violent crime offenders really well, so a person committing a violent crime in Dallas has a high chance of getting caught and convicted." He insisted Dallas's "violent crime clearance rates lead the nation. We outperform our peer cities" at 70 to 75 percent clearance rate.

"Committing a violent crime in Dallas," said Brown, "is something that will get your caught, get you convicted and sentenced to very long terms in the department of corrections."

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Robert Wilonsky
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