We're sorry, Chief.
We're sorry, Chief.
Patrick Michels

A Quick Note Before Reading This Week's Paper Version of Unfair Park

In our effort to get some last-minute extra reporting into this week's cover story, "High Time For Change" by Dave Farrell, about how, just maybe, there's a bright future ahead for those pushing for the legalization of marijuana, the Observer managed to misquote Dallas Police Chief David Kunkle.

When you read the pot story (which is quite good, by the way) in print, and it says: "'I would have advocated for using it [the traffic ticket law] on marijuana possession had the public reaction not been a concern,' says Dallas Police Chief David Kunkle" -- well, that's wrong. I accidentally incorporated a question from reporter Sam Merten's notes into the quote. Those words have been deleted from the online version of the story.

The next part of the original quote, in which the chief says, "It's a public policy issue. I don't have a preference either way if we're directed not to make arrests in certain marijuana-type situations," is correct.

We apologize for the error.

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