A Reel Good Time Promised Tomorrow Night at Kettle Art

It's gonna be Saturday, oh, tomorrow, and you ain't got squat to do? Um, you will, actually, because it's time for Kettle Art to work the reels once again. That's right, you're spending Saturday on Elm Street.

The Deep Ellum Enrichment Project returns with "Hopelessly Devoted to You II," the second annual Deep Ellum Film Night at Frank Campagna's place.

Attendees can peruse art, photos and graphics and watch the films of visual artists and musicians including Campagna, Cindy Chaffin, Hal Samples, Reel FX, Frank Campagna, Kevin Nash, Mike Graff, April Kinser, Frankie 45, Sean Fitzgerald, Jeff Liles, Paul Adams, Tiffany Kieran, PPT, Scott Mankoff, Mike Castellucci / Doug Bugess, Art Conspiracy and more. More?

That's a neighborhood's worth of pride and then some. Plus, if you're looking to imbibe during the fest, beer and wine will be provided by HakenBrew and Calais Winery. Drink and look, buy and watch. Donate and feel good. That was one of your pesky resolutions, right? Well, don't let this one pass you up like that New Year's Day 5K. This is a good plan; that was just stupid. --Merritt Martin

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Merritt Martin
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