A Short Street, Yes, But a Long List of Criminal Activity

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For such a short, pleasant-looking street, Chapel Creek Drive -- off Webb Chapel Road, just south of Walnut Hill Lane -- has a fairly lengthy list of criminal activity, according to this morning's Daily Crime Report. Since Thursday alone, the Dallas police have been called to six different addresses along Chapel Creek -- for everything from criminal trespassing to someone stealing a car (with the keys left in the ignition in broad daylight) to an aggravated robbery (that's with a gun, of course) to the discovery of items stolen from San Antonio during "multiple robberies." Also: On Friday, someone living on Chapel Creek Drive went to school but never came home -- it's currently listed as "runaway." Probably never a good sign when you live smack in between two cemeteries: the Calvary Hill and the Crown Hill Memorial Park -- where, of course, Bonnie Parker's buried. --Robert Wilonsky


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