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A Slightly But Not Much Better Look at What SMU Has Planned on Former Mrs. Baird's Site

In advance of its public meeting tomorrow concerning plans for the former Mrs. Baird's site at Mockingbird and Central, SMU has posted yet another notice -- this one complete with a FAQ. As in: "I thought you planned to put residence halls on the Mrs. Baird's site?" and "What about Park Cities Plaza? Isn't that going to be torn down?" and "Will the groundwater and soil be cleaned up?"

But, see, there's one important question not answered -- like, um, where will tomorrow night's hearing regarding groundwater and remediation take place? I asked Hilltop spokesman Kent Best, who responded: "The city meeting will be at 6:30 p.m. this Wednesday, June 30, at the Southwestern Branch Library, 5707 Skillman St." So now you know.

The FAQ also comes with the barest-bones of maps -- you can't tell what's what or where. So I asked Best if perhaps he had a better look at the plans, which consist of "facilities such as tennis courts and a throwing field for SMU athletics activities," says Best, not to mention "a University data center and an enclosed, partially below-grade electrical substation." He was kind enough to send along this better look -- not much better, but, still, at least it's not some boxes floating in a sea of blue.

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