A Sports Beat Down

A few sportsy items, in no particular order. First, from that venerable sports authority known as The New York Sun comes this story about how Dallas Mavericks head coach Avery Johnson's job is on the line this season; "Johnson Must Succeed To Avoid Texas Boot," reads the head, and, like, ya think? Only, the piece offers nothing substantial or insightful, aside from the usual quagmire of clichés and no-shit statements that leads the writer to conclude: "While his tactical failures have come on a big stage, they are the usual growing pains of young coach." Anyone got any real news?

Ah, The Sporting News. Today the provider of The Ticket's late-night time-killing programming regales us with this Tony Romo profile, in which we learn it's "fun" to be Tony Romo and that he likes The Natural, 24, Christian Bale and ... um ... playing Tag? With whom, he does not say.

And finally from The Washington Post, here's a Redskins training-camp story involving Your Dallas Cowboys, sort of. It involves an 18-year-old Redskins fan entering the team's practice facility whilst decked out in Cowboys gear, as part of a bet with a buddy. For 20 bucks. Even his aunt says he's "gonna get a beat down." Does he? Find out. Also, find out where I can get a "Jesus Hates the Cowboys" tee. Oh, found it. --Robert Wilonsky

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