AA: Puttin' Flight Attendants Back to Work -- Well, 200 of Them, Anyway

As our two previous items concerning furloughed American Airlines flight attendants are still receiving plenty of comments, we thought it only fair to mention AA today announced it is sending recall notices to 200 flight attendants "to address projected attrition through the balance of the year," says this press release. And, indeed, among those being recalled will be some of the former TWA flight attendants who've been waiting to be called back to work ever since American bought the airline in 2001.

Says Lauri Curtis, American's vice president of onboard service: “American Airlines is very pleased to welcome back our furloughed flight attendants to service. Each day, our flight attendants have an integral role in providing our passengers comfort and a positive experience on our airline, as well as ensuring their safety. American is committed to remaining competitive in our industry, and our flight attendants help make this possible.”

Of course, 200 isn't a lot; as we noted last week, there are some 4,000 former TWA flight attendants still out of work, 200 of them living in the Dallas-Fort Worth area. But 200's better than zero, at least using our fuzzy DISD-educated math. --Robert Wilonsky

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