About That Dallas-to-Houston Bullet Train ...

About a year ago there was

some big back-and-forthing over the viability of a high-speed rail connecting Dallas and Houston

. But since then, we've heard next to nothing. Except: Our sister paper in Houston

directs our attention

this morning to news of a Monday-morning meeting during which Yoshiyuki Kasai, the chairman of

Central Japan Railway

, pitched the idea to the Greater Houston Partnership.

Reports Houston Tomorrow


The company is developing plans to build a Houston/Dallas high speed rail (largely privately financed) as the first phase of a Texas system, according to the GHP invitation. Kasai used the meeting to brief the region's business leaders on the details and opportunities that Houston-Dallas high-speed rail service would bring to the Houston region.

I spoke with the Greater Houston Partnership's spokesperson, who's tracking down (heh) more info. Follow-up forthcoming.


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