About That Exit Music

This definitely is navel-gazing, but screw it. This deserves it. You guys deserve it. Plus, it will help these folks sleep.

First off: We're gonna miss the hell out of Robert, both personally and professionally. He is as unique a spirit as I've ever met, let alone worked with, and he is more deeply connected to his hometown than anyone I've ever known. I'm jealous of that.

As for this blog: Please grant us whatever patience you can muster. The news doesn't stop, obviously, but finding a new Robert is impossible, and finding someone worthy of and willing to take on the title will be a challenge. And while the rest of the team will certainly contribute more, they're still charged with constructing those 5,000-word monsters of which we're so fond, so things might be a tad light until we drop a new anchor. But we'll keep cranking.

In the meantime, if you have thoughts or tips or anything you need to get off your chest, find me at [email protected]. I have a five-day-old at home, so I'll likely email you back at 3 in the morning, will probably nod off mid-correspondence, and might "accidentally" attach some unsolicited baby photos. But I'll try to quell your fear in the process.

And Robert? You say we kicked you out of the driver's seat, but I still see that spare key in your pocket. You wanna write till the moment you clock in at the News? Go for it. Hell, you can live blog your piss test if you feel like it. Please, though: No photos.

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Joe Tone
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