According to the Latest Customer Survey, DART Riders Are Satisfied ... Well, For the Most Part

Below is the 2011 Customer Satisfaction Survey dispatched this morning by Dallas Area Rapid Transit in advance of today's board meeting. Long story short: Despite some issues with the transit agency -- longtime riders think the buses are getting shabby, passengers don't feel there's adequate notice of service disruptions, there's a small drop in the number of riders who feel safe riding DART -- 91 percent of the 3,700 surveyed would still recommend DART to others. That's the same number as last year's survey.

DART plays up the good news in its accompanying press release: "Nine out of ten Dallas Area Rapid Transit (DART) customers say they'll recommend others get on board." But at the same time it acknowledges what Schutze pointed out one month ago: There remains an issue with passengers' "sense of security." Says the release:

In addition to modifying deployment plans to increase police presence, the agency is continuing to install closed-circuit cameras at its stations and is scheduled to complete the project in mid-2012. DART Police are also increasing their coordination with service-area city police departments as well as federal law enforcement agencies. One particular effort with Dallas Police is aimed at reducing crime involving juveniles.
Matter of fact, at today's meeting of DART's Security, Safety, Public Relations & Operations Committee, there will be a briefing titled "FY 2011 Police Activity Update and Future Plan of Operations," during which some of that will be discussed. I'll see if I can get my hands on those briefing docs. Till then there's always the survey, which also contains a profile of the DART rider who tended to respond to the survey. Says the doc: More than half of those quizzed are Dallas riders, and only 54 percent have access to a car.

Customer Satisfaction Survey Results

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