Activists Call Texas's Voter ID Law Discriminatory, Plead For Feds' Help

Hey, maybe this will help Rick Perry shore up support with the Tea Party's Ship-Em-Out Division and his new Arizona boyfriend: Those kooky activists at the ACLU and some of their libtard friends are pleading with the Devil HimselfUnited States Department of Justice to intervene on behalf of Texas's minority communities, which activists claim will be discriminated against under the state's new Voter ID law.

The law, one of several passed across the country in recent years, requires voters to show government ID at the polls, even if they have registration cards and are listed among the voting rolls. The laws are purportedly designed to limit voter fraud and keep illegal immigrants from stealing our nation's elections. But voter fraud -- unregistered voters successfully filing fraudulent ballots -- has been demonstrated to be a problem that's vastly overstated. And illegal immigrants, believe it or not, are actually not that big on showing up at buildings full of official paperwork.

As a result, Voter ID bills are more likely to disenfranchise poor voters, minority voters, old voters and all sorts of voters who have a relatively shitty go of it already. Thus, the Coalition of Obvious Socialists' lengthy letter, which is on display below, and which claims that the state failed to prove that the law wasn't discriminatory. (A tip of the 49ers beret to the People's Liberalation Army, aka Politico.)

The group is asking the A.G. to file an objection, which probably won't happen, but would be pretty funny. Think about it: Texas passes through its legislature a law protecting its citizens from having its elections stolen by illegal immigrants. The governor signs that legislation. As the governor surges to the top of the GOP presidential field, the ACLU asks evil feds to intervene. Evil feds send Texas a letter questioning its new law.

You think that would come up at next week's Fox News debate?

ACLU Letter to DOJ

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