Ad Agency, Minus a Few

Seem to recall it wasn't so long ago that Dallas-based virtual advertising agency imc2 was recognized as a top-10 "digital agency" by Advertising Age. In May, the Dallas Business Journal ranked it as a pretty swell place to work, and only last week Adweek wrote a nice profile of the company, in which CEO Doug Levy celebrated the fact his agency wasn't tied to a larger parent firm: "The fact that we're independent is a huge bonus," he said.

Or it used to be: Yesterday, imc2 laid off more than two dozen employees, following the loss of a handful of clients. Unfair Park had heard from several sources that the number was around 50, but Samantha Keyes, imc2's director of marketing, says "that number is completely wrong. I don't even have an official number, but it's more like half that." She says she will answer our follow-up questions later today, after speaking to company executives and "gathering more facts." --Robert Wilonsky

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