"Affluenza" Teen Ethan Couch's Dad Has Been Arrested for Pretending to Be a Cop

You likely remember Ethan Couch, the then-16-year-old boy who, while drunk and stoned on Valium, drove his car into four people, killing them, and then got 10 years probation because of his privileged upbringing that the judge termed "affluenza"? Yeah, pretty sure you remember him.

Well: His father, Fred Couch, was arrested Tuesday morning and accused of (very poorly) impersonating a police officer.

Near the end of July in North Richland Hills, police interviewed Couch as a witness to a separate crime, according to the police report. During the on-the-scene interview, Couch couldn't keep his hands out of his pockets. The officer apparently found this strange and instructed Couch to not put his hands in his pockets.

Another witness then yelled that Couch had guns in his truck, which he denied when asked by the officer.

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"I have my Lakeside Police stuff in the truck," he told the officer, according to the police report.

Couch then produced a badge that looked, to the officer, very similar to Lakeside Police badges, with a red dot in the center. The officer used to work for the Lakeside department. The officer said he knew the Lakeside chief personally, but Couch must have prepared for some questioning. He told the officer the correct name of the chief.

But the officer apparently had a gut feeling about Couch, one that made him call the Lakeside chief. He reported that he'd never heard of a Couch on the force. The officer also discovered that Couch was not registered as a Peace Officer in Texas.

Couch was arrested and charged with impersonating a police officer and faking a police badge. If convicted he could maybe share a prison cell with his son only not because his son is not in prison but rather is at a luxury rehab facility in Newport Beach because America.

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