Air Sex Breezes Through Trees Tonight

New Orleans native, current Austinite Chris Trew is a crazyperson, and I mean that in the most loving, admiring way possible. I guess you could call him a comedian, or an actor, or a writer, or a musician, or an artist, but none of those really gets at the meat of what Trew is/does. Chris's ideas are crazy. His motivation is crazy. He conceives, carries and births crazy like it's his job. And, well, it is. Chris makes his living traveling all over the damned place producing, performing and teaching improv comedy, releasing records as Terp2It, filming and writing online comedy videos and growing out his extensive beard.

Once upon a time, Chris tried to teach me to do improv comedy, and I got to know him a bit while performing stand-up in Austin. Somehow, this qualifies me to be a judge at Trew's Air Sex World Championships tonight at Trees. I am excited (but not that kind of excited ... yet) for the show, and so should you be. I saw last year's competition in New York City, and it was baller -- Urshur was a particular highlight. In anticipation of tonight's show, I asked Trew to toss around some e-mails with me so that curious Air Sex virgins might get to know more about this up-and-coming sport. Trust me, it's gonna be bigger than Jai Alai.

What is Air Sex, and how did you come to be the proprietor of its world championships?

Air Sex is the most important competition in the world. It's just like Air Guitar except replace the instrument with the lovemaking partner of your choosing (man, lady, horse, hole, duck, etc.) and then show the world how you wish you could do it or how you did it that one crazy time or whatever you like! I started off as a competitor then moved to judge and earned my way to the hosting table by respecting the art and passion behind this competition. I believed in the glory of Air Sex and now here I am, touring with the show all over the country. Which is awesome because I get to see what people look like while having sex.

What are your expectations for Dallas Air Sex? Does Air Sex change with the geography?

Oh, it TOTALLY does. What's interesting so far about Dallas is that a handful of people have already signed up. We get that from time-to-time in cities with a reputation for the weird (Austin, New Orleans, San Francisco, New York) but sometimes we get zero people signed up and the sweet talking minutes before the show has to go down (Kansas City). Dallas is looking like they have been craving this show for a while so I'm expecting big awesome things. I think a lot of the early attention has to do with the folks over at the Dallas Comedy House, as comedians and improvisers are usually the best at Air Sex.

It takes serious cajones/ovaries to book a show that no one signs up for beforehand, or that people might just be skeptical of generally. Why take the risk?

Because I have faith that the show will come together no matter what. People will always be interested in sex and this show is whatever you want it to be. For some it's a release, for some it's a turn-on and for some it's an opportunity for some really good comedy. I think that deep down everybody wants to be an Air Sex Champion. The true legends go out there and try and make their dreams come true.

Do you have any tips for aspiring Air Sexers? Do's and don't's?

The biggest don't is DON'T DRY HUMP ANYTHING. Just like you wouldn't dare bring a guitar to an Air Guitar content, don't bring something to rub on to an Air Sex show. We want to see your partner with our imagination. We also advise against long strip sequences. The biggest do is to come with an idea, a character, a storyline...or at least one of those. Do have fun and bring a support group. Do have a drink before getting on stage. Don't have multiple drinks before getting on stage because that usually leads to the first don't.

What is the nuttiest thing you've seen in all of your Air Sex days?

The nuttiest thing on stage was when Slut Truffle took a power drill to her crotch and sent sparks flying in the air while she screamed in pleasure. It was a complete surprise and showed how far someone could take this competition. I've also seen a variety of awesome train wrecks like a mother/daughter team and actual sexual talent like Dirty D of NYC.

Interested? You can still e-mail Chris with an MP3 and your stage name. Performers, of course, get into the show free tonight. Show's at 8 p.m., $10 cover.

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