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Airman Arrested for Murder on Lower Greenville Now Awaiting Air Force Hearing

Back in March we told you the story of Frank Farias, the airman arrested for murder after running over a man outside a Lower Greenville nightclub in January. There's an update: The 23-year-old is awaiting his first hearing in front of a military panel in Albuquerque, New Mexico, where he's stationed at Kirtland Air Force Base. Locally, Farias faces a lesser charge: Per documents received by Unfair Park earlier this week, in April a Dallas County grand jury indicted him on the charge of failing to stop and render aid.

"We're really in a holding pattern as far as the Dallas case is concerned," says Farias's defense attorney, Frank Jackson. For now, Farias continues to serve with the 377th Medical Support Squadron in New Mexico. "He has a JAG officer who is his defense attorney, and I'm in communication with him, but they keep pushing that back too. That's just to determine whether they're going to sever him from the service.. ... We're waiting to hear what they're going to do."

Jackson maintains that his client, accused of running over 23-year-old Marlon Alfaro, is not guilty of a criminal act. "When an Hispanic kid who grows up in that environment hears 'pop the trunk', which is what he heard out there, then his first reaction is they're going for the guns. He was trying to get out. Our defensive theory is straightforward. He felt his life was in danger and he had to get out of there and he was a passenger in the car that ran over the deceased."

Actually, Farias was a passenger in the car the second time they ran over the deceased. The first time, however, Farias was behind the wheel.

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