Alex Jones

Alex Jones Sics His Followers on The News, Demands Retraction

Dallas-born, Austin-based Alex Jones -- the gravely voiced conspiracy theorist behind Infowars and this interview with Mark Stepnoski -- has turned his attention toward Dallas' Only Daily, which, he insists, libeled him yesterday in a posting by WBAP-AM (820)'s Mark Davis. Davis, who contributes to the paper's op-ed page, is sending in regular dispatches from the Democratic National Convention in Denver, and yesterday The Dallas Morning News' Mike Hashimoto posted a piece in which Davis reported that Jones confronted conservative columnist Michelle Malkin during a protest and shouted, "Kill Michelle Malkin!" Wrote Davis:

In shouting 'Kill Michelle Malkin!' at a protest yesterday, he reveals himself to be not just a dismissible loon, but a despicable soul whom I would identify as a blight on my industry if I actually considered him to be a part of it.

Only, Jones' site says he did no such thing and that the posting's just "a neocon dirty trick." This morning, he's posted two videos of the confrontation and is demanding his fans and followers phone the paper to demand, at the very least, a retraction. If nothing else, it should be tons of fun answering phones on Young Street today. --Robert Wilonsky

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