All Good Things Must Come To A Screeching Halt

Still hurts, doesn't it? Now, D-Wade is the magazine's Sportsman of the Year. Go ahead. Let it out.

Unless you've been too mesmerized by Britney going commando to notice, the Dallas Mavericks -- as predicted right here -- rebounded quite nicely from their 0-4 start. If you're reading this second sentence in hopes I'll link you to those pics, sorry. Perv. Despite the recent uptick, though, Monday was a very sour day to be a Mavs Fan For Life.

First, Dwyane "I'm So Cool It Appears As Though I'm Barely Even Trying" Wade was named Sports Illustrated's Sportsman of the Year. Which means, of course, that Avery Johnson was only four and a half quarters from the honor. Given his inspirational playing career, Hurricane Katrina charity work in his hometown of New Orleans and philanthropic visit to Africa last summer, Avery would've been a no-brainer had the Mavs finished what they started in last summer's NBA Finals. But they didn't.

And last night, they didn't finish waking up against the hapless Washington Wizards until it was too late. The Mavs trailed by 31 points, cut the deficit to seven, but ran out of time in getting their 12-game winning streak quashed. Maybe now owner Mark Cuban will shave his lucky goatee. Right after, of course, he cancels his subscription to SI. --Richie Whitt

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