Housing Secretary Alphonso Jackson

Alphonso Jackson Has a New Nickname, Courtesy The Washington Post

Friends of Unfair Park know all too well the hot water in which former Dallas Housing Authority president and CEO Alphonso Jackson's bathing these days, so no point in rehashing it when the history lesson's but a click away. But for those in need of more recent developments, on Friday Senators Chris Dodd and Patty Murray, both Democrats, called for the Housing and Urban Development Secretary's resignation in a letter sent to Jackson's BFF, President Bush, based on the fact the South Dallas native refuses to answer Congress' questions concerning four different investigations into how Jackson's helping those who help him and hurting those who won't. Said Murray: "It is time for Secretary Jackson to go."

Today, a Friend of Unfair Park sends us this Washington Post editorial that says almost the same thing -- if nothing else, it'd like "Stonewall Jackson" to offer "some straight answers" after refusing to answer even one question put before him by the Senate Banking Committee. Reads The Post's editorial, concerning Bush's sticking with his bud and Jackson's refusal to budge: "The president's loyalty is a boon for Mr. Jackson, but the allegations and questions dogging the secretary are many and alarming." --Robert Wilonsky

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Join the Observer community and help support independent local journalism in Dallas.