An Arlington School Principal Tried to Have Sex with an Underage Boy in Florida, Police Say

Stephen Paulsen is, for a few more seconds at least, the principal of Morton Elementary School in Arlington ISD. He's spending part of the summer in Florida, partly to visit his mother and father, who has Alzheimer's, and partly, according to Boynton Beach police, trying to seduce someone he thought was an underage boy.

Paulsen was arrested on Tuesday after arranging to meet an undercover cop posing as a young teenager for sex after several days of exchanging messages online.

Those often-graphic messages are detailed in an arrest affidavit. The conversation allegedly began on July 12 when Paulsen, using the screen name "Texas Tony," messaged the undercover officer on an unidentified social networking site. "Hi," he introduced himself. "love emo Bois. They're so full of intense passion."

The affidavit quotes only one side of the conversation, but it says that the cop made it clear that he was just a kid, under 16 years old. Nevertheless, Paulsen allegedly sent pictures of men having sex and described in detail what he would do to the boy if only he were 17. "Love to teach you some intense passionate man love," he wrote. He said he'd be an "Excellen techer/Mentor Especially with such a sweet sexy stud like you!!!"

Paulsen was, according to the affidavit, ready to put aside his legal concerns on July 16, when the cop mentioned that he was home alone. "Good day to lose your virginity," Paulsen wrote. "You are such sweet nectar of the gods and also jail bait." They agreed to meet. Paulsen brought a condom.

But almost as soon as he arrived at the meeting spot in a white Chevy van with Texas plates, he realized it was a sting. "I fucked up," he said, then predicted that his wife would kill him.

Police transported him to Palm Beach County Jail, where he's being held on charges of traveling to meet a child for sex and sending pornography to a minor.

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