An Armed Gang of Meat Thieves Robbed Two Salesmen of Hundreds of Steaks

The haircuts at Triple D Cuts & Styles on Sunnyvale Road must be top notch. They were certainly hard to pass up for two Grillmasters salesman who decided on Friday afternoon to take a break from their meat hawking and stop in for a trim. They decided the truck full of frozen steaks could wait.

They were right on that front. They told police that both truck and steaks were still there when they were thrown out of Triple D a while later after one of them tried to pay with a counterfeit $100 bill.

Just as they were getting ready to leave, they told officers that 10 men appeared, all of them carrying guns. They made the guy who tried to pass off the fake bill lay on the asphalt next to the truck and directed his colleague to sit in the driver's seat and stay there. Then, while the salesmen were kept at gunpoint, the men jumped into the bed of the truck and began unloading steaks.

They made off with 72 boxes of steak. That's boxes, mind you, each of which contains anywhere from four to 10 individual cuts of meat according to the Grillmasters website. So we're talking somewhere between 278 to 720 stolen steaks.

Loot in hand, the gang of meat thieves sent the two salesmen on their way, then fired two rounds into the back of the truck as they left. Police found bullet holes in the tailgate and one of the rear panels.

It was a somber car ride. They had just been robbed of $1,200 worth of steaks while sneaking in hair cuts when they were supposed to be working. The guy in the passenger seat was scared and asked to be dropped off at his mom's house. The driver, scared not so much of the robbers as what he might suffer at the hands of his boss, drove aimlessly around Dallas for two hours, then called police.

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Eric Nicholson
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