An Overzealous Security Guard Threatened to Kill a Man at a Burger King, Police Say

Dafe Kelly Sokoh wasn't technically supposed to be patrolling the Burger King parking lot. El Rancho Supermarket in Oak Cliff hired him as a security guard to keep an eye on things there, but, when he spotted 26-year-old Roy Castillo leaving the grocery store at what he considered to be an unsafe rate of speed, his professional enthusiasm was not to be confined to a single corner of Wynnewood Village.

According to police, Sokoh followed Castillo to the fast food restaurant, then confronted him as he stepped out of his car, chiding him for driving too fast. The two men engaged in a brief but heated exchange before Sokoh pulled the pistol from his gun belt and pointed it at Castillo's chest.

"You wanna die!? You wanna die?" he yelled.

Castillo made it clear that he did not, and Sokoh eventually holstered the weapon and walked back to the supermarket.

Police arrived several minutes later and spoke to Castillo, who "was very agitated," according to a police report. Then, they traveled the short distance to the grocery store where Sokoh had resumed his patrol and placed him under arrest. He's currently being held in Lew Sterrett on a $10,000 bond.

Nor was that Sokoh's only alleged violation of the law. Not only was Sokoh not supposed to be patrolling the Burger King parking lot; he wasn't supposed to be patrolling anything at all. His Texas Department of Public Safety license as a commissioned security officer expired on July 5, according to records, meaning he can't legally be employed as a security guard.

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