An Unholy Trinity

And so it begins.

By now, we hope, you've all read both Jim Schutze and Mayor Laura Miller's posts yesterday concerning the Trinity River toll road -- the so-called Trinity Parkway. As it turns out, they were but opening salvos. This morning Unfair Park found in our inbox several missives concerning the toll road: one from city council member Angela Hunt, who is, at this moment, gathering signatures in order to put the toll road to another citywide vote in the fall; one from the mayor, which she sent to every publication in town save for the Greensheet; one from Alex Krieger, one of the mayor's consultants on the project; and one from our very own Jim Schutze, who certainly has better things to do while he's on vacation.

In a moment, we will post Hunt's e-mail, which is essentially a version of what she has already posted to her Trinity Vote Web site; nonetheless, if the mayor gets her own post on Unfair Park, so does her opponent in this debate. That will be followed shortly by the mayor's and Krieger's e-mails, including Miller's missive to Krieger in which she claims Schutze presented "a giant mischaracterization of my position on the Trinity Parkway" and requested both Krieger and transportation planner Bill Eager, her other toll road expert, submit an op-ed piece to The Dallas Morning News defending the project. After that, we will post Schutze's response to Krieger's e-mail.

But we have a feeling we're only getting started here. --Robert Wilonsky

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