And a Time Machine. Yeah, We'd Pay Extra For That, American Airlines.

No doubt you heard yesterday that Fort Worth-based American Airlines will, beginning May 12, charge $25 for a second checked bag -- if, course, yer flying coach. The reason's obvious: rising fuel costs and the need to cover the tab, one piece of luggage at a time. Well, today Fortune posted a lengthy piece about American and its CEO, Gerard Arpey, in which he sorta-kinda discusses the state and fate of "the only so-called legacy carrier to have avoided Chapter 11," which is nonetheless estimated to be losing $3.3 million ... a day. Only, perhaps our Friend Mr. Wagner can explain this line: "The company is rolling out software to identify flights for which passengers will pay extra." Because I have no idea what that means, unless American's now serving the Fourth Dimension. For that, sure, I'd pay extra. --Robert Wilonsky


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