And Just Like That, Broden's ... Gone

While the local GOP suffered its mood swings at the Hotel Palomar, Eddie Bernice Johnson's Republican challenger in the Fighting' 30th, Stephen Broden chose Frankie's in Uptown as his Official Election Night Results-Watching Party Zone. That Unfair Park dispatched an ex-intern to cover the doings might give you an idea of its confidence in Broden's chances of winning. And it was over early. The rest of Frankie's hardly felt it. It was free pizza night.

Why Frankie's? According to Broden's campaign manager, Jeni McGarry: "It's just a friendly and comfortable environment." On the Sarah Palin-endorsed pastor's notable absence from the Hotel Palomar, McGarry pointed to the sizable Broden crowd: "You think the Hotel Palomar could hold all this?" She didn't know it was free pizza night. "We'll have to get a couple."

Broden spent most of the night hovering in the corner and keeping his family company, with only the occasional glance at the flashing figures on TV. His wife and two daughters seemed a bit glum. Daughter Stephenie said the last two weeks have been "very crazy." Broden's wife Donna said they were OK with the results: "We are a Christian family. We look to God."

After it was official and EBJ collected more than 75 percent of the vote, Broden told Unfair Park he has no plans for any future runs. "I don't know. I will still be preaching, and I will absolutely remain committed to the pro-life cause." When he faced his supporters, Broden didn't have too much to say: "It is what it is."

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Join the Observer community and help support independent local journalism in Dallas.