And Now, to Love Field's Texas Ranger, Who Has Surrendered His Post Till Early 2013

Dallas City Hall sends word this morning: When you're next at Love Field and don't see Waldine Tauch's The Texas Ranger of 1960 statue keeping watch over the terminal lobby, don't fret. The Ranger, who took his place in 1961 courtesy Mr. and Mrs. Earle Wyatt and stands above the inscription "One Riot, One Ranger," hasn't abandoned his post. He's just been moved -- to the Frontiers of Flight Museum.

The reason, of course: the Love Field redo, scheduled to wrap its first phase in three years. Says the city, the Ranger was moved on October 12 and will remain on display at the museum till then. Fun fact: "The model for the sculpture was Captain Jay Banks, a retired Ranger from Company B in Dallas." Also, from the city:

One Riot, One Ranger is only one of the well-known art pieces at Love Field. The Map of the World laid in terrazzo and the Spirit of Flight (1959) sculpture, at the entrance of Love Field, are reminders of the Dallas/Fort Worth area's role in global aviation advancement. Even after Love Field completes its modernization makeover, these pieces will continue to represent the culture and innovation of North Texas.

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