And Off the Mowers Go to Winfrey Point

While Jim's wife hosed out the dog house over his Arboretum screed this morning, lawyers for the Arboretum and the city were in court trying to get a judge to let them turn Winfrey Point into a temporary parking lot, to prepare for the crush of visitors for this weekend's Chihuly exhibit.

Now comes word that a truce has been called -- for the moment. I just got an email from the court saying that the two parties are preparing to put an agreement into the court record. The News is reporting that that agreement allows the city to mow the grasslands to make room for the parking the Arboretum needs. Whether a permanent parking structure will eventually go up will be the subject of future court hearings.

As the News reported this morning, protesters have been gathered in the area in question, waiting for the mowers to come. Little Forest Hills Neighborhood Association president Max Davis told me a couple of minutes ago that while the crowd has dwindled from this morning, they'll stick around to watch the city go to work.

"I think that folks are going to stay here. We've got pizza coming," he said, sounding deflated (about the impending mowing, not the pizza). "It's really more of a symbolic gesture to be here at this point. Just a show of support for the grasslands."

The lawsuit and the response from the city and the Arboretum are below.

Lawsuit Over Winfrey Point Parking


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