And You're All Invited to Meet Mayor Tom and Sarah Palin at the Fairmont!!

So says the Friend of Unfair Park who sent us the link to the most astonishingly named Web site in the history of ever: Palin4Life.com. What you see above is the only thing on the Web site, which was created on March 8. And, ooof, tickets ain't cheap -- unless $75,000 for four's in your ballpark, in which case, my apologies.

God only knows what this thing benefits: "A New Women's Center in Uptown Dallas." Proceeds from ticket sales will go toward purchasing "property for project in Uptown Dallas." More to come.

I've e-mailed and left a message for Chris Heinbaugh, the mayor's chief of staff, to find out who this evening-with benefits. Because, surely, the mayor would not have signed on without first finding out the what-fors.

Update: I've called the number on the invite for further info and was greeted by a recording, which said, "Thank you for calling Palin4Life. All of our representatives are busy assisting other callers ..." and so forth. I also don't see Palin4Life listed as a 501(c)(3) on the IRS's Publication 78 Web site, though the local spokesman is looking into it.

Update at 3:53 p.m.: Heinbaugh responds, "It's a fundraiser for the Uptown Women's Center. He's doing a welcome." The mayor's chief of staff also sent the URL for the UWC, which redirects you to Palin4Life.com. But, as it turns out, the Uptown Womens Center will be a satellite office of the Downtown Pregnancy Center on S. Ervay, which has been eying a location on Turtle Creek Boulevard and needs money in order to make the purchase.

Update at 4:30 p.m.: I asked Heinbaugh in a follow-up how the mayor got involved, and he responded thusly via the e-mail:

"The group asked the Mayor to give welcome remarks for former Governor Palin and he agreed. He gives welcome remarks quite frequently for all sorts of functions. As you know, this Mayor has met and will continue to meet with a broad range of groups with a wide spectrum of views, beliefs, cultural backgrounds, political persuasions and interests. He is the Mayor for all of Dallas, and enjoys the diversity of people with whom he meets."

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Join the Observer community and help support independent local journalism in Dallas.