Andrea White Stumps For Wanna-Be Governor Bill In Front of the Preston Hollow Democrats

Preston Hollow Democrats get a kick out of a couple of things -- firstly, being Preston Hollow Democrats, and secondly, Andrea White, wife of Bill, he of the running for governor of Texas. The PHD was formed in the wake of the March '08 primaries during which Obama fever was running high -- before that primary, PHD President Roger Grape joked at the meeting, "I thought I was the only Democrat in my neighborhood!"

But now the PHD is 130 members strong, and many of them (along with our own Sheriff Lupe Valdez, who apparently has Bill White fever) came out to campaign headquarters off Inwood Road and Forest Lane last night to hear a brief talk from White, who is visiting Dallas doing the my-husband-is-adorable-please-vote-for-him thing that political wives are so often called upon to do.

In fact, White has written a journal-style book about high-profile political wifery, P.S.: Passionate Supporter and Political Spouse, and wouldn't you know it, it's full of adorable stories about Bill White still being a great guy and making time for his family even while he was out being very busy hanging the moon.

But it also tries to be as honest as a book about a candidate during campaign season probably can be -- White writes about hating parades and a facepalm moment when she heard a speaker at an event say, "Your program lists our thirty-eight sponsors, but I would be remiss if I didn't read them to you." Chicken Soup for the Political Spouse's Soul, but with stories about viagra reimbursements to city employees.

White only spoke for a few minutes yesterday, but we got her on tape and now pass it along to you.

Oh, and be sure to listen for the part about how she once got an eyeful of a naked teenage guy while campaigning..="" width="500" height="30">

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