Angela Hunt snapped this photo of the city hall in Brussels, joking it’s “just like ours.”

Angela Hunt Goes to Europe

The Dallas City Council has retreated to the Trinity Audubon Center, with council member Angela Hunt absent as she tours Europe during her Marshall Memorial Fellowship. Surely she misses the important discussion among her colleagues and that she won’t be here when the big Cesar Chavez-Industrial-Ross renaming vote appears in front of the council, but we think she’s getting along just fine.

Hunt and the other fellows met in Washington, D.C. before flying to Brussels, Belgium, where they are staying until tomorrow. Then they will break off into three separate groups, with Hunt visiting Lubeck, Germany, from October 8-13; Turin, Italy, from October 13-17; and Belgrade, Serbia, from October 17-22. The fellows meet in Copenhagen, Denmark, from October 22-26 to finish their trip.

Hunt has been blogging throughout her journey in addition to posting pictures and Twittering. “Sitting on plane, ready for take-off,” she writes. “It's over 7 hours to Brussels and I'm in a middle seat w/2 people on each side. Good times.” Indeed. --Sam Merten

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