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Angela Hunt Is Not Running for Mayor

Will she or won't she? The prospect of council member Angela Hunt tossing her name into the mayoral race has been on the minds of City Hall followers ever since Mayor Tom Leppert announced that he wouldn't seek a second term.

She just told Unfair Park that she's out. Not gonna do it.


"One of the primary reasons is, as I've always said, 'It's not about what I want to be. It's about what I want to do and accomplish,'" she says. "There are a number of outstanding projects that I want to continue to work on that, frankly, I think I'd be more effective and accomplish more as a council member rather than as mayor. And that includes work on Lower Greenville, our 2012 bond program, redistricting, oil and gas issues and some other issues going on in my district. Second thing is, I think this council will benefit and be more responsive to someone who is not currently on the council serving as mayor."

So don't expect her on Ron Natinsky's list of supporters.

And what about her nearly 10-month-old daughter, Audrey Belle? Did she factor into Hunt's decision?

"My family factors into every decision I make, and, certainly, I took that into consideration because I want to be the best mother possible and the best wife possible," she says.

Our interview in its entirety is forthcoming in a separate item, in which she evaluates Mayor Leppert's term and addresses whether Mayor Pro Tem Dwaine Caraway should be stripped of his title.

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