Darrell Ankarlo's leaving Dallas. It's OK to cry. Let it out.

Ankarlo Off a KLIF

Got some good news for local League of United Latin American Citizens president Jesse Diaz (and the rest of the human race) this morning: Darrell Ankarlo, morning-show host on KLIF-AM (570), is leaving our fair town for Phoenix. So said Gordon Keith this morning on KLIF's sister station KTCK-AM (1310), who just read an internal staff memo announcing that Ankarlo's moving to Arizona, after having brought "respectablity" to KLIF's A.M. hours. (No he didn't. C'mon. Just stop.)

Jesse Hyde profiled Ankarlo in the paper version of Unfair Park in May, when Ankarlo was on the air insisting that illegal immigrants from Mexico weren't coming here just for the jobs and a better life, but so they could colonize Texas and the entirety of the Southwest. "Their plans are to open up the floodgates, let in as many as you can so that one day they can reclaim a Texas or a New Mexico or a California," he told Jesse. To which Jesse Diaz responded about the talk-show host: "I think he's a very hateful person." What gave it away?

Ankarlo's Web site's already gone--or maybe it's just overloaded with tearful well-wishers trying to say adios to their good pal--and KLIF's looking for a replacement. And it will be hard to find a host who will threaten to kill listeners with whom he didn't agree, as Ankarlo did on more than one occasion. Good luck, KLIF. And just when I was looking forward to reading Ankarlo's book What Went Wrong with America--And How to Fix It: Reclaiming The Power That Rightfully Belongs To You. Guess it'll have to wait. --Robert Wilonsky

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Join the Observer community and help support independent local journalism in Dallas.