Anonymous' Barrett Brown is Mentally Fit to Stand Trial, a Prison Psychologist Has Decided

A lot has happened to Barrett Brown since heavily armed federal agents raided his Dallas apartment and threw him in jail: The Anonymous-affiliated hacktivist was indicted on charges of threatening an FBI agent via loopy YouTube rant, then doxing said agent by publishing his personal information on the Internet; his ribs were broken during rough handling by the FBI, per a letter he penned in prison; a small, predominately digital protest movement sprung up to Free Barrett Brown; and he was indicted a second time on charges stemming from the hack of global security firm Stratfor.

Meanwhile, Brown has remained locked up in the Mansfield Federal Detention Center while proceedings in the initial criminal case have stalled as the court weighs whether Brown is sane enough to stand trial.

Per the report that just came in from Mansfield's psychologist, the answer is "Yes."

That's about the extent of what we know about Brown's mental state from a document filed Monday in federal court. It provides no details on how that conclusion was reached, just that that's the opinion of Randall Rattan, a prison psychologist at the Federal Correctional Institute in Fort Worth.

More details will be aired at 10 a.m. on January 30, which is the date U.S. District Judge Sam Lindsay has set to determine whether Brown is, in fact, mentally fit to stand trial.

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