Anti-Hotel Group: Leppert Told "Outright Lies" to Push Toll Road, Now Using "Selective Information and Lies" to Sell Hotel

Citing Wednesday's editorial in The Dallas Morning News, Citizens Against the Taxpayer-Owned Hotel in a press release blasted Mayor Tom Leppert for misleading Dallas voters during the Trinity River toll road campaign by withholding information regarding the cost of the project and risk to the levees. The anti-hotel group also claims "dishonesty and distortion" have been the centerpieces of Leppert's pro-hotel campaign, with Anne Raymond of CATOH and Crow Holdings essentially labeling Leppert as a liar.

"I cannot say I'm surprised. We have now learned the political tactics the Mayor used during TrinityVote -- mischaracterization, confusion and in some instances, outright lies -- literally mirror what we're witnessing today," said Anne Raymond, spokesperson for CATOH and executive with Crow Holdings. "Having presumably evaluated the numbers, the Mayor is fully aware of the incredible risk this hotel poses for Dallas taxpayers, but he continues to campaign using selective information and lies. Given his history of breaching public trust, it's not surprising he would refuse to acknowledge the hotel will undoubtedly force a massive tax increase and cuts in basic city services."

CATOH provided two examples of Leppert's falsehoods. We're awaiting comment back from Leppert from his deputy chief of staff, Paula Blackmon, who's been telling us throughout the afternoon that the mayor is unavailable.

The hotel supporters' Web site falsely claims Proposition One would prohibit the city from offering incentives to developers, when the amendment specifically allows for financial incentives such as TIF districts and tax abatements.

The Mayor deceptively compares constructing a hotel with a half billion dollar mortgage to the American Airlines Center, which has a constant stream of revenue. Moreover, losses are assumed by developers, not taxpayers -- opposite of the proposed hotel.

After the jump, CATOH's new TV ad, which began airing this morning.

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Join the Observer community and help support independent local journalism in Dallas.