Anti-Hotel Group Rips Mayor Tom Leppert for Running Negative Campaign, Urges Him to Stop Attacking Donors

Anne Raymond of Crow Holdings and Citizens Against the Taxpayer-Owned Hotel in a missive sent to Mayor Tom Leppert yesterday accuses him of running a "campaign of negative personal attacks." She also asks why Leppert is rushing forward with construction of the convention center hotel in an attempt to nullify the May 9 referendum.

"It was you who stated on September 24, 'Dallas taxpayers will ultimately be responsible for the debt.' Why then are Dallas taxpayers being denied their voice on the hotel?" Raymond writes. "If it is Dallas taxpayers who will ultimately cover the substantial and ongoing financial losses from the hotel, are they not entitled to an honest presentation of the risks?"

Raymond stresses that her organization is committed to running an issue-based campaign, while Leppert aspires to run a "personality-centric" campaign that labels Harlan Crow as a "Park Cities billionaire" and a "villain." She urges the mayor to refrain from attacking the more than 100 individuals that contributed to CATOH's efforts during a severe recession.

"Contributions, both large and small, are not an invitation to be slandered -- not in democracy," Raymond writes.

She also says she has been told by several organizations that Leppert is refusing to debate her, although she notes that he has agreed to an April debate in front of the Stemmons Corridor Business Association. Unfair Park has also learned that Leppert may take on Raymond tomorrow in a debate scheduled to air Sunday on WFAA-Channel 8, along with agreeing to another one on KRLD that has yet to be scheduled.

We'll keep you informed, but until then, Raymond's letter follows for your perusal.Anne Raymond's letter to Mayor Tom Leppert

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