Are You Affluent? Time-Starved? Too Cheap to Buy The News?

For those who read The Dallas Morning News' announcement of its latest print product -- Briefing, a "quick-read" freebie aimed at "time-crunched families" -- the press release outlining the August 27 debut left out a few things. Which is why you should also read the Editor & Publisher piece, which identifies the fortunate non-subscribers who'll wind up with the paper in their yards: "The plan is to distribute 200,000 copies in the core Dallas market to households with incomes of $75,000 or more by 6 a.m. The target demo is adults 25-49, skewing toward women." And: "Briefing was developed to re-capture market share by going after affluent, time-starved readers who are aware of the Morning News but don’t buy it." Still trying to decide whether this is genius or CueCat. --Robert Wilonsky


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