Come to think of it, we can't recall ever seeing Bobby Carpenter in a Dallas Cowboys uniform...

Are You Ready For Some Futbol?!

If the answer to the question posed above is yeah, you'd better thumb a ride to Denver, where FC Dallas begins the Major League Soccer playoffs Saturday night against the Colorado Rock...no, um, Nugg...no, er, Rapids? Yeah, the Rapids! But if you're in the world minority that digs American football, join me Monday night in Texas Stadium for Cowboys vs. Giants.

If you're in the stands, hope you don't see Tony Romo unless it's a Dallas blowout in the fourth quarter. All you knee-jerkers booing Drew Bledsoe seem to have conveniently miscatalogued the details of Romo's preseason. I said the details: three interceptions, three fumbled snaps. Says coach Bill Parcells of Bledsoe getting booed, "I'm not cognizant of that going on, so I don't think it's one thing or another. If you got a thin skin, you're in the wrong business."

What you do want to see is your team's first-round draft pick wreaking havoc--or, at least suiting up, for crissakes. Don't count it, as linebacker Bobby Carpenter was inactive last game, so bust-bound that at this point he's less valuable than free-agent receiver Miles Austin. Says Parcells of Carpenter's fast track to being a wasted pick, "I think it's too early to put that on him, don't you?"

If you're at home on the couch, before you have to endure Tony Kornheiser on ESPN you'll have to wade through the most ridiculous opening in televised football history. Get a load of a generic city and its generic people/players transforming into a football game, and you'll long for some Hank Williams Jr. Only thing worse I've run across is a fourth-grade computer project the Fort Worth Star-Telegram is pawning off as entertainment. Go see for yourself. But, remember, you were warned. And, by the way: Cowboys 17, Giants 14. --Richie Whitt

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Join the Observer community and help support independent local journalism in Dallas.