Arlington Pastor Hates Gays and Mormons

First Baptist Pastor Robert Jeffress gets most of the press for his outspoken views on homosexuality and Mormonism, but over at the Dallas Voice, John Wright highlights the, um, retrograde views of another prominent local preacher, Dwight McKissic of Arlington's Cornerstone Baptist Church.

McKissic successfully introduced a resolution at the recent Southern Baptist Convention in New Orleans opposing same-sex marriage and declaring that homosexuality is a choice, not to be confused with a civil right. "They're equating their sin with my skin," he told The Associated Press.

But on his blog he really lets loose. Wright points us to the post he wrote in response to Obama's support for marriage equality.

President Obama has betrayed the Bible and the Black Church with his endorsement of same-sex marriage. The Bible is crystal clear on this subject, and the Black Church strongly opposes same-sex marriage. His endorsement is an inadvertent attack on the Christian Faith. America is now a candidate for the same judgment received by Sodom and Gomorrah. This was a sad, sad day and a very bad decision, by our beloved President. The moral impact of this day and decision is equal to the military impact of AL-Queda when they attacked the Twin Towers on 911. Today's announcement is a moral earthquake equivalent to a tsunami or hurricane that will have far more devastating results than Katrina.

We already knew, of course, that Katrina was the gays' fault. Pat Robertson said so, as did McKissic, but now God is even madder. You think that hail storm was a meteorological fluke? Also, the anti-Christ is gay.

As for the Mormon thing, McKissic introduced another resolution at the SBC condemning Mormonism as racist.

Wouldn't equipping African and African American Christians from being influenced by Mormon good deeds to accept Mormonism be a good reason to affirm this Resolution? I Peter 3:15 commands that believers be ready to give an answer to anyone who asks about our faith. When a Mormon knocks on an African or African American door, wouldn't this resolution equip the African/African Americans to defend the Christian faith?

Persons might take the Mormon documents at face value unless the SBC warns them.

I've never known Southern Baptists to be squeamish or timid about denouncing Mormonism. Why now?

McKissic is obviously very confident in his beliefs, but they seem to leave him in a bit of a political pickle. He can't vote for Obama because he tolerates gay people, and he can't support Romney because Mormons are racist. Maybe he can write-in Huckabee. No? Pat Buchanan? Jerry Falwell? Jesus?

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Eric Nicholson
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