Arlington Swingers Club Shut Down by City Has Excellent Reviews

Eutopia -- which Unfair Park can't help but pronounce as Eww-topia -- is, or was, a swingers club located in a half-million dollar home near AT&T Stadium. The city of Arlington didn't have a problem with that in and of itself, but has now sent James and Mary Self, who own the home, a letter demanding that they shut down. Home businesses are fine, the city told The Dallas Morning News, but they can't take up more than 25 percent of one's residence. The Selfs had paved their front yard and had parking for more than 70 cars onsite in addition to something one reviewer on Swingers Date Club referred to as a "kitchen pool."

We feel bad that Eutopia is having to shut down just before its planned "Jersey Night" Super Bowl Pre-Party, so we thought we'd highlight some of the laudatory reviews the establishment has received in hope Arlington will reconsider.

"Eutopia is an interesting mix of club and house party. Being it IS a house its kinda crowded...ie limited space to get around. You know...kinda like when you have the whole family over and everyone wants to hang out in the kitchen and granny keeps telling everyone to get out so she can cook. LOL Meanwhile, the music is loud enough in the "living room" and there are plenty of places to sneak away to for some fun.....although, there is NO privacy...so you'll be seen by whomever walks in. Some like that....others dont. We'd go again.....fun enough and a good option to the full on club or full on house party." -- Herandi1990

"This is by far our favorite venue when we have time to head out on a weekend. The upscale home is fantastic, classy, all the way around well run, free mixers and frozen drinks, dance floor, kitchen swimming pool, voyeur room and private rooms,. Plenty of room to spread out and just be yourself. We couldn't be happier and always feel at home here." -- JJDFW

Had a blast once again. Lots of really attractive couples in sexy lingerie. "The dance floor was packed and the drinks flowing. Love that mixers and setups are provided. This is our new favorite club and we'll be back time and time again. Great job hosting another sexy event! :)" -- JimmyandPepper

"The place was packed with hot ladies, the alcohol was flowing, and the tongues were eating. A night of nothing but hot fun. I always have a blast coming here. I'm also an adhoc volunteer tour guide :-) It's my favorite place!" -- Amberlynn

"We had a great time. It was a packed house. We socialized, skinny dipped and then played. All in one night at the same place. Great time!" -- KrysBrand

"Best club in DFW. All women make an effort to dress well, everyone is friendly. There is a very large variety of rooms and spaces: beds by the pool, clean play areas upstairs and downstairs, great kitchen, great dance floor, comfortable sofas. We had a blast. Love the wrist bands (green for full swap). Highly recommended. " --HotCoupleDFW

The Selfs have 10 days to appeal the decision.

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