Arrest Made in Lower Greenville Shooting

Eighty-two comments on this blog entry later, looks like friends and foes of Evans Wright, the man who was shot last week in a Lower Greenville parking lot, have finally said their various pieces. Figured so much interest deserves an update: The U.S. marshals have arrested a man named Maleek Shakur, alias Rico Sims.

Just got off the phone with the supervisor of the Dallas-Fort Worth Fugitive Apprehension Strike Team, who says they arrested Shakur in Grand Prairie around 1 a.m.  Saturday based on a tip from a confidential source. The DFW FAST, as they like to be called, are made up of members of several North Texas law enforcement teams and get called in to apprehend suspects, says task force Supervisory Deputy David Travis, "because nobody does it better than we do." Makes me want to go home and watch Justified.

Shakur's got a record -- per Dallas County's online criminal search, the accused has been previously arrested for theft. And per Facebook, he likes the quote, "Life is a journey,let GOD lead you..........." (sic).

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