Arrest of Man Suspected of 11 North Dallas Robberies Expected to Now Clear 40 Cases

On Tuesday, the Dallas Police Department sent word that it was looking for this gentleman, at the time suspected of having committed at least 11 robberies in North Dallas -- including the Frankford and Midway T-Mobile store hold-up shown in the video the department made available to media. This morning, Senior Corporal Kevin Janse sends word: The note-giving-money-taker's been identified, located and arrested.

Police are passing 'round his photo for further ID'ing, and his name won't be released till a 2 p.m. press conference to be conducted by the Crimes Against Persons Division. Janse writes that the arrest was due in large part to the media's circulation of the video. But more important, he says: "His arrest is anticipated to clear close to 40 robberies, both businesses and banks."

Update: Janse says the suspect's name is identified as Robert Louis Jones, 34.

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Robert Wilonsky
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