As Dallas County ME Rules on Deaths of Coppell Mayor and Daughter, a Memorial of Flowers and Photos Builds on Doorstep

Earlier today I drove up to the home of the deceased mayor of Coppell, Jayne Peters, and her daughter, Corinne, who were found dead in their home last night after Mayor Peters failed to show up for a council meeting. No doubt you've read much of the coverage already, but this is relatively new: The Dallas County Medical Examiner has ruled the mayor's death a suicide, and her 19-year-old daughter's a homicide. Both suffered gunshot wounds.

The News noted that Jayne Peters may have been ill -- her daughter told family friends she had to postpone freshman orientation at the University of Texas at Austin because of her mom's doctor's appointments, but that she would be "OK." Corinne appears to have been found dead on the ground floor -- there were a host of cleaning supplies and a vacuum cleaner in the living room when I stopped by the house -- and her mother was found upstairs.

There were a fair amount of slow, curious cars cruising down the Peters's street after noon today, and the scene at City Hall was quiet when I stopped by -- a KDFW news truck sat outside in the heat, and Coppell residents meandered in and out of the building conducting their municipal business. Motorcycle cops were parked at nearly every major intersection I crossed. Pretty sleepy, pretty typical suburban scene. And by all accounts, Corinne and her mom were loved and respected by the community. Corinne was a member of the Coppell High School drill team, and her mother was elected, unchallenged, to mayor in 2009.

I've got calls out to officials and friends of the Peters family and will post updates on new developments.

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