As Downtown Dallas 360 Plan Nears Deadline, the Latest Look at What the City Center Needs

It's been a long while since MIG posted any new Downtown Dallas 360 updates -- trust me, I look at the Web site, oh, once a week as MIG begins wrapping up the doc due to the city council by no later than August. But on Friday morning the planners to whom the city's paying close to $700,000 to study everything from retail and transit-oriented developments to parking problems posted its 186-page May presentation, which offers the latest glimpse at what downtown stakeholders want and what MIG thinks downtown needs.

In short, that'd be a little bit of everything -- including, but of course, wider streets, outdoor dining and, natch, streetcars. But, most of all, downtown -- and especially Main Street -- demands retail, including so-called "glass box" developments. Which is to say: kiosks, newsstands and, indeed, stores inside glass boxes perched upon downtown sidewalks. Jump. You'll see what I mean.

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