As If You Needed to Be Reminded What a Jewel the Kessler Has Become in a Short Time ...

Doesn't seem all that long ago that Edwin Cabaniss first told us about his plans for the old Kessler Theater on W. Davis; sweet fancy mayor, has it really been more than two years since Tom Leppert put his shovel into the dirt? From risky concept to necessity to institution in such a short time, I'm not sure we don't already take the Kessler for granted as it marches toward its only-two-year birthday in March.

I was thinking about all that while watching the short film -- part history-of, part promo, part roll call -- you see above, narrated by one Jeff Liles, but of course. I stumbled across it this morning and asked Jeff what it was for. He explained: It's a clip made last week that's being dispatched to booking agents in New York and Los Angeles who might otherwise be unfamiliar with the Kessler as they consider venues for their clients, be they musicians or authors on speaking tours or even burlesque performers in need of a stage. Says Jeff, "This was made just to let them know there is another viable option here that is actually in the middle of a burgeoning creative community." Another version, featuring predominantly local performers, is on its way.

And for those wondering about the singer seen at the beginning and heard throughout: That's the extraordinary Damon K. Clark, a Kessler regular whose lone CD, a collection of jazz standards, was recorded ... where else?

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Robert Wilonsky
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