As Jeff Brady Departs Local TV, Tracy Rowlett Weighs In On the "Sad and Bad Place"

Those interested in the state of local TV news may want to peek at Uncle Barky's item from late last week concerning the March departure of WFAA-Channel 8 anchor Jeff Brady. He's exiting the ABC affiliate to enter the world of ... PR! And news of his resignation (says 'FAA brass, it was an "an amicable split") has promoted more than a few comments -- among them over the weekend, this state of the dissemination from none other than Tracy Rowlett:

There is a sense of accomplishment that is missing in TV News today and I think it is difficult for many anchors to take much pride in still another adjective filled toss to still another car wreck, traffic mess, minor fire or minor crime. Talking down to the audience is demeaning to both the anchor and the viewer. The dumbing down of TV News -- due primarily to an unholy alliance between consultants and station managers -- creates a vortex that pulls all of us into a sad and bad place.

Rowlett made another appearance earlier this afternoon to clarify his remarks.

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