We already mentioned that Jenny the Elephant's got a few new friends trying to spring her from the Dallas Zoo, including the great Emmylou Harris, the irascible Kinky Friedman and Laugh-In star Ruth Buzzi. Buzzi, who lives just west of Fort Worth, joined Concerned Citizens for Jenny founder Margaret Morin and Rev. Ronald Wright outside the zoo this afternoon to make a suggestion you might've heard before: Move Jenny out of her compound and into the elephant sanctuary in Tennessee.

"Even though I have not met Jenny, I know I would love her already," Buzzi said after reading a statement (we've got video of that after the jump). To outline her animal-lover credentials, Buzzi mentioned the chickens and farm animals she raises on her ranch in Aledo, which she noted is bigger than the Dallas Zoo's elephant compound. "Jenny would be better off at our place," she said.

Morin announced the group had bought a month of time on six billboards around Dallas, starring Jenny and such folks as Lily Tomlin and Emmylou Harris, to rally support before next month's election. (If you're planning your Jenny the Elephant billboard tour of Dallas, we've got them mapped out after the jump.) Morin said some candidates for city council have been sympathetic to her cause, and directed voters to the group's site, where the friendly candidates are helpfully highlighted in yellow.

Buzzi said the zoo's plans for a $27 million elephant pen still wouldn't cut it, if the zoo plans to put six more elephants in with her. "The new exhibit will probably look prettier on the surface than her current cell, but it will still be a cell and not big enough for Jenny."

Wright, of civil rights group Dallas Commons, spoke after her, drawing animal cruelty comparisons to Michael Vick, who hosted a dog-fighting ring at his home. "The difference is, Michael Vick did it in his own house, but this is a citywide case of abuse."

As Long As You're Asking, Laugh-In's Ruth Buzzi Is Also Concerned About Jenny

Here's where you'll find each celebrity friend of Jenny parked on a billboard for the next month or so (click each spot to see which billboards you'll find there):

View Save Jenny Billboards in a larger map

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