As Shooting Wraps Downtown, The Good Guys' Crew Is Going Out with a Bang

Just up the street from Robert's encampment out at the George Allen Courts Building, The Good Guys crew was wrapping up shooting the second half of its first season with a series of big explosions -- like this here, pictured above. Not shown here are Bradley Whitford and Colin Hanks, who just dove onto a mat on the street before this shot was taken. Out in front of 2028 Commerce, the street was covered in broken glass and other fake pieces of building dropped by this guy on the ladder, whose seat basically put him inside the fireball when it went up.

Employees from inside the Dallas Municipal Court building across the street were gathered out on the loading dock watching the show, comparing stories about how much they were startled by the first explosion of the day.

By about 1:30 p.m. they were done blowing things up, but producer Mitch Engel told me over the phone they still have one last explosion planned for another downtown shoot on Monday.

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